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The Golden Circle & Kerid Volcanic Crater | Small Group Day Tour

 Trip to Golden Circle is the most popular day tour in Iceland. Geysers, The Golden waterfall and Thingvellir is a classic and there is a reason for it. Taking just a short drive from Reykjavík allows you to see some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural wonders in Iceland. 

Thingvellir National park is the National shire of all Icelanders. It lies within the belt of volcanic activity and fissures which pass across Iceland, a part of the mid-Atlantic ridge, the junction of the american and Eurasian tectonic plates. It is a nice feeling to stand with your right foot in Europe and the left one in America. It’s great significance within the Icelandic culture have enabled this divine territory to attain a UNESCO World heritage status in 2004. 

Geysir – the biggest geysers of Haukadalur Geothermal Area are Strokkur and Geysir itself, which gives the others their name. This geothermal area, spreading over a surface of 3 km, is filled with so called boiling mud pits that, when active, expulse hot water high into the air, followed by a steady puff of evaporating steam, only to repeat this occurrence every couple of minutes. Strokkur erupts every 5 to 10 minutes, throwing a column of water into the air to a height of 20 to 30 meters. If you’ve ever opened a Lonely Planet Guidebook about Iceland or scrolled through travel blogs, chances are you’d have unknowingly come across dozens of images of this natural marvel.   

Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most popular and venerated natural landscapes. The waterfalls ever so impressive influential flow rate is given by the glacier river – Hvítá a rich in Salmon River, flowing for 40 kilometres from Langjökull glacier in the highlands of Iceland before disappearing deep within the waterfalls canyon 32-meter drop. During summer, when glacial water from Langjökull melts at a higher volume due to the rise of the earth’s temperature, the average flow of the waterfall’s water reaches an impressive 140 cubic meters per second! 

The Golden Circle is open all year round. Each season paints the surrounding landscapes with different colours and brings along its charm and conquests. There is no right or wrong answer. It really is up to you and your preferences. The landscape dramatically changes from one season to another, which makes the experience even more unique and worthy for returning visitors. Summer brings out the warm fairy-tale like colours of the grounds and sky whereas winter allows its guests to experience a truly Nordic seasonal environment. 

Classic Golden Circle Tour covers three mentioned stops. We want to add something unique to your experience and that’s why we will also visit the big Volcanic Crater Kerid. The crater is 270 m wide and more than 55 m deep. There is a lake in the bottom of the crater which gives it a little bit of magic. The lake’s high mineral composition gives its waters a fairy-tale like turquoise colour that creates a true visual spectacle paired with the brightly painted volcanic rock and vegetation. Due to the relative mild slope on one of the crater’s walls, if desired, one can easily descend its side to get an even closer look at the lake or walk all around it’s border.  

On the way back to Reykjavík you will pass by farming and geothermal areas surrounding town of Hveragerði - famous for numerous greenhouses and horse farms.  

The is a private experience and maximum number of passengers per bus are 19 which we believe creates a more personal and enjoyable experience for our guests.

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  • Entry to the Kerid Volcanic Crater
  • Pick up and drop off within Reykjavik
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  • Warm clothes
  • Good outdoor shoes are recommended

  • Pickup takes place between 08:30 – 09:00 – so please be ready from 8:30 at your pick up location.
  • This tour takes up to 8 hours. Meals are not included, but there will be a stop for lunch.

Tour information:

Available: All year

Duration: 8 hours

Activities: Sightseeing

Difficulty: Easy

Minimum age: 5 years old